Thread Lift - Skin Scaffolding ™

PDO Thread Thread Lifts act like a

Skin Scaffolding

 They elevate the skin and provide structural  support  to sagging skin. This has recently become very popular in the United States. Kristina was introduced to PDO Threads many years ago while training in Asia and Europe where they are one of the most popular anti-aging secrets. She has created her specialized Skin Scaffolding technique based on years of experience  

They’ve been used for years in Europe and Asia. Celebrities like Gweneth Paltrow have touted the benefits of Thread Lifts on social media and among their inner circles. Threads Lifts tighten skin and create a support structure akin to a scaffolding. They stimulate collagen growth, firm and thicken weak crepey skin, and lift sagging skin resulting in a more taut, firm, healthy look. They are made of the same material (a sugar molecule) that dissolvable sutures are made of and therefore are safe and well tolerated.

The Thread lift procedure usually takes 15-30 minutes and normally no anesthesia is required. Most people go about their day immediately after treatment with minimal bruising and or swelling. It is recommended that you minimize large facial movements for about a week after treatment to the face in order to allow the threads to take hold in their desired location. The material slowly breaks down over the course of 2-4 months through simple hydrolysis. The Threads’ cellular-rejuvenating effects last six months or more and final results can be seen for up to two years. They are usually done in a series over two to three visits. Final results are dependent on the quality of the skin, degree of skin aging, the number of threads used and the lifestyle of the patient. When added to other procedures, Threads are the perfect addition to greatly enhance the overall results.