Kristina's Mission

Kristina Kitsos


Patient safety is always Kristina’s primary concern. Having any cosmetic procedure can be a vulnerable experience. You are giving trust to someone with your deepest outside appearance concerns. From knowledge and experience, Kristina understands all the risks associated with cosmetic procedures and sincerely provides care for all of her patients; whom all have different outcome desires. Kristina truly is a “gentle injector." Warm and comforting Kristina aims to leave no stone unturned and answers all questions to help her clients be at ease and to create an atmosphere of relaxation and trust. Patients consistently say that they value her conservative approach and trust Kristina with all of their skincare needs.


You are the focus.

Kristina tailors all of her treatment plans to the individual. Just as no two people are alike, no two treatment plans are alike. She takes the time to develop an educational and informative relationship with those who are seeking treatment. Kristina takes the time to assess each individual patient’s specific desires and anatomy in order to formulate a precise plan tailored to fit the individual’s needs, budget and desired outcome.

Kristina specializes in treatment for both women and men, with special attention to producing and maintaining natural and subtle results.

She begins by assessing the entire facial structure prior to treatment as the first step to ensuring the end result will look and feel natural. A variety of treatment options range from a simple Botox or Dysport treatment to soften frown lines or crows feet to the complete “Liquid Lift”, which employs a combination of products to relax lines and restore volume to the face. When lost volume is replaced, the natural youthful contours and light reflections make one appear years younger. Kristina also uses an advanced injection technique that she has named the “5 min facelift”, using PRP and or PDO Threads along with Filler and micro-needling. This combination of modalities works synergistically to dramatically improve dull, sagging skin without the bloated, over-injected results that are getting more and more common elsewhere.


There is an art to facial and volume restoration and Kristina is always striving for excellence! Never satisfied with the status quo, she strives to be at the pinnacle of her field. She attends collaborative training and seminars in medical education, techniques, and procedures all of which are critical in this technology-driven field. She is a designated trainer for select laser and device companies and regularly participates in advanced training around the US and abroad. She is often requested to assist in the training and education of other healthcare providers and by some of the most respected laser and aesthetic companies.